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Asian Village

A production of Into the City for Wiener
23, 24 May 2009 Vienna/Austria

music / performance / sound / art / lecture /film street / food / thai massage / street barber
For two days and two nights, the young Asian
art and music scene from Indonesia,China,
Russia, Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan,
Thailand, Indonesia, Germany and Austria
occupied the creative quarter around the Semper Depot (thestudio buildding of the Academy of Fine Arts) with electronic music, advanced pop and visual arts. Top Kino, phil, IG Bildende Kunst, Das Möbel and the Asian restaurants Ramien ShanghaiTan and Hanil opened their doors to showcase new products of a vibrant and lively Asian art scene. For 48 hours, Gumpendorfer Strasse became an imaginary Asian neighbourhood with stages, galleries,street food vendors, street hairdressers and 1,000 Chinese lanterns.

“Contemporary Asian history begins with the
destruction of colonial spaces”, Berlin based
film curator Shaheen Merali writes. For a
young generation of artists, a consequence
of this recapturing of cultural spaces is that
the struggle against tradition is no longer
necessary. “As a result of the experience of
neoand postcolonial transfor-mations, Asian
culture contrary to Western concepts of the
present is a constantly negotiated and
renegotiated reality.” The event programme was not developed from the viewpoint of Western curating practice but evolved out of encounters made by Austrian artistand DJ Susanne Rogenhofer aka Sweet Susie on her journeys and complemented by Central Asian experiences of Viennese sound artist Franz Pomassl.

Susanne Rogenhofer, Wolfgang Schlag
The future sound of "North Asia" curated by
Laton (Anna Ceeh, Franz Pomassl)



Nannue Tipitier (Thailand), Kyoka (Japan/Germany), Daito Manabe (Japan), Stereotyp & Cee (Austria) feat. AraByrd (Malaysia), Sonicbrat (Singapur), 8gg (China), Heri Dono (Indonesia), Tri Minh & DJ Kruise (Vietnam), Elsa Okazaki (Japan/Austria), VJ Azz (Taiwan/Austria), Nuphlo (India/UK), Constanze Ruhm (Austria), Coconami feat. Ferdl Schuster (Japan/Germany), Klangküche (Austria), Pinie Wang (China/Austria), Belki (Russia), Albert Rivkin (Russia), DJ Kulisch (Austria), Ganzha (Kazakhstan), Park Modern (Russia), ANTIPHoDES (Russia), Elisabeth Penker (Austria), Susanne Rogenhofer (Austria), Tran Vu Van Anh (Vietnam), Eun Jung Yim (South Korea/Austria), Ami Han (South Korea/Austria)Hilery Tsui (Hong Kong/Austria), Jun Yang (China/Austria)and others