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Djane, Electronic composer and visual artist, Sweet Susie successfully reveals her ability to experiment in several artistic realms and mediums. With ease, she manages to adhere to her authentic sound and style while also exploring new options of innovation. Her longtime career as an electronic DJ displays her fervor for dub music, a sound she is magnetically drawn to for its merging of melody and psychedelic, almost deconstructed sounds. While her love for dub music does influence her work as an electronic composer, Sweet Susie shows her capacity to consider other styles and genres of music. In her career as an electronic musician and composer, Sweet Susie explores many different alternatives, including avant-garde sound and electronic reworking and modification projects. Finally, as a visual artist she uses her music from both her careers as a DJ and as an electronic composer to propel inspiration for her visual projects. Musical innovator and visual conceptualist, Sweet Susie spreads herself throughout the artistic domain and serves as an icon of artistic ingenuity and exploration.

Sweet Susie is working as a Dj since 1994. Her dub based DJ sets offer a journey into sound: from electronic to acoustic and noise, from now to yesterday and the future and comprises music from everywhere in the universe. She playes styles like Dub, Footwork, Dub Step, Grime, Dancehall, Global Beats,Techno, experimental electronica and much more and loves to make people with it danceing, kissing, dreaming, confusing,... and to challenge the audience. Sweet Susie appeared in clubs and festivals in Europa and Asia like Flex, Fluc, Conrad Sohm, Ars Electronica; Batofour (Paris), Maria am Ostbahnhof (Berlin), Ghetto (Istanbul), Soundstuff Festival (Hanoi), Clandestino (Götenburg), Underworld (Taipei), Rote Fabrik (Zü̈rich), La Paloma (Barcelona), Lux (Lissabon), Electro Blog Festival (Triest), Sonica (Lubljana)and many more.


In the time between 1995-2007, Sweet Susie, Guemix and Sugar B, have organised the legendary Dub Club at the Viennese Flex. Every Monday appeard national and international Djs and musicians like Kruder & Dorfmeister, Pulsinger & Tunakan, Africa Bambaataa, Matthew Herbert, Mad Professor, Roots Manuva, Pan Sonic, Gangstar, The Bug, Basement Jaxx, Mouse on Mars, Adrian Sherwood, which have been supported from the organisers on the turntables. Two Dub Club compilation albums have been released on Kruder & Dorfmeisters label, G-Stone Records: "2000 and one love" und "picked from the floor", which features several Dub Club artists.

For the past years, Sweet Susie has been mostly collaborating with Viennese electronic composer, Manni Montana. They have been working on various music projects and remix productions—, such as "Oxygène" (with Oud samples by Marcel Khalife),
In 2010 Sweet Susie and Manni Montana founded the project "Contact". The sounds of various musicians, like from the avantgarde trumpet player, Franz Hautzinger are used for kaleidoscopic sonic universe of "Contact", which is an advanced dub, industrial, break beat, dub step, progressive dancefloor, soundscape music project.

In April 2006 their co-produced album "KV 2006-inspired by Mozart" was released on the Viennese jazz label, "Quinton." This electronic re-working of the music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was in cooperation with musicians from The Nouvelle Cuisine Big Band, who contributed their improvisations.
Sweet Susie’s interest in all musical genres and her study of fine arts have given her the chance to work with an extensive variety of artists. Other colloabortations with: Tini Trampler, Elisabth Penker, G Rizo, Gina Mattiello,...

Susi Rogenhofer - the birth name of Sweet Susie - works for other Clubs and insitutions as an artistic adviser, curator, booker like f.e. Fluc, Flex, Ghetto Club Istanbul, Wiener Festwochen, MA 57, Ministery for women affairs.

For "Wiener Festwochen" she curated 2009 "Asian Village": Over 20 artists from Asia have been invited to perform in a street in the center of Vienna, in the Academy of Fine Arts and in other venues in the public space.

In 2010 she founded the platform for famous female culture, called femous. femous features and makes visiable female musicians and artists of other fields. In 2011 femous enabled 100 appearances for female artists at renowned festivals like Ars Electronica, Donaufestival, Jazz Festival Vienna and in other venues all over Austria.
On occasion of the 100th women day femous organised the event A femous centenary night“, which was a presentation of national and international female musicians like
Peaches, Nailah Porter, Electric Indigo, Chra, Pia Palme, Tini Trampler & Playbackdolls, Irradiation, Joyce Muniz, Julia Starsky. The event was opend by the minister of women affairs of Austria, Gabriele Heinisch-Hosek. Because of the activation of people from scenes like from the lesbian-, gay-queer-, migrants-,club- or art scenes 3500 people of diffrent communities came together at this event.In 2012 she left the platform.

Peaches@a centenary femous night
Peaches at "A femous centenary night"

Susie studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and University of Applied Arts Vienna. Her visual works are profoundly and enormously influenced by her work as an electronic musician. In her photography and collage films she displays the ecstatic moments that can be found in both nightlife and in nature.
In her art she deals also with socio and political issues and the public room.
She considers her curating and cultural work as an art practice. The socio political impacts of enactments of art and pop are thereby her special interest, which is also the reason why she prefers productions in pubic space.Read and see more...

Here photografies and sound works have been displayed in museums and galleries in Austria like in MAK, Künstlerhauspassage, Momentum Gallery...

In the year 2010/11 Sweet Susie was runing together with Dj Ipek from Berlin, a dj- and soundproduction course at Viennese arts- and social center, the Brunnepassage. The project with the title " Yes!she can DJ" is in cooperation with Wiener Festwochen. The course participants were coming from diffrent nations and was for girls of the age between 16 to 35 . The course imparts technics and theory about djing and soundproduction and aimed that the participants gain experience with the audience. The class has been performed in venues like "Club Ost", "Rhiz" and the opening of Wiener Festwochen 2010.
Susie has given several workshops and courses for djing and soundproduction also at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Ars Electronica, WienerJugendzentren, and much more. info:



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