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4th I'mPULSE/ Clandestino Festival

The 4th Asia-Europe Music Camp
7th-10th of June 2007, Gothenburg, Sweden

In 2007 I’mPULSE, focused on DUB music, and has been coorganised by ASEF and the Clandestino Festival.  Both organisations share the goal of encouraging dialogue and enhancing collaboration and facilitating experimentation opportunities for artists. I’mPULSE brought together 25 professionals (young artists, VJ’s, lecturers and curators) from 16 countries in Asia and Europe for a series of closed-door workshops and rehearsals.  Participants of I’mPULSE has then brought the fusion of ideas and their musical exploration to the public through performances during the Clandestino Festival.

Phases of the project

Phase 1 (virtual)
May: In the first phase due to start in May 2007 participants in I’mPULSE Clandestino 2007
has been getting to know each others productions and skills through a virtual communication platform made up for the programme where they have been able to share pictures, audio and video files and documents. Tracks has been uploaded and sent to each other to the effect that four separate groups (soundsystems) have taken shape. The virtual platform has served as communication base where ideas could also been exchanged.

Phase 2 (Gothenburg, Sweden) 02-10 June 2007
Arrival of participants with instruments, computers, visuals in their case.
Shape into 4 groups. Within 5 days the groups should develop a music programme which has been performed within the Clandestino Festival. The groups met everyday in rehearsal rooms for jamming, composing, exchanging ideas. The programme has been accompanied by a series of workshops and lectures.


Curator: Aleksander Motturi

Mad Professor & Blonddub Sexy Sound [UK], Dr Das [UK], Dickson Dee [CHINA], Daito Manabe [JAPAN, Steve Barker [UK]]

18000018018018401 (SWEDEN), Dub Terror [ITALY], Genys [LITHUANIA], Jethro Joaquin [THE PHILIPPINES], Manucher [AUSTRIA],Daito Manabe [JAPAN], Eating Betty [IRELAND, Molecule [FRANCE], Nuphlo [UK], Rachel Saraswati [INDONESIA], Slimmah Sound [THE NETHERLANDS], Sweet Susie [AUSTRIA],Tri Minh [VIETNAM], Variam [SWEDEN],Vidya [Sweden], ZenLu [CHINA, VJ Milosh [POLAND, VJ Mo-P [Sweden]]