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Wiener Festwochen 2009
Into the City




Gumpendorfer Strasse / In-Locations / Top Kino / Semper Depot / 1060 Vienna

Saturday, May 23, 2009, starting 4 p.m. /
Sunday, May 24, 2009, starting noon /


Gumpendorfer Strasse (between the corners with Lehárgasse and Theobaldgasse)
Academy of Fine Arts Vienna/Semper Depot, Lehárgasse 8, 1060 Vienna (multi-purpose hall, northern ground-floor section)
Top Kino
Gallery IG Bildende Kunst
Café Phil
Das Möbel
Restaurant Ramien


Participating artists, musicians, theoreticians:
sonicbrat (Singapore)
8GG (China)
Heri Dono (Indonesia)
Nannue Tipitier (Thailand)
Kyoka (Japan/Germany)
Daito Manabe (Japan)
Stereotyp + Cee (Austria)
AraByrd (Malaysia)
Tri Minh & DJ Kruise (Vietnam)
Nuphlo (India/UK)
Coconami (Straubing/Germany)
Klangküche (Austria)
Dj Ramija (Austria)
Hans Kulisch (Austria)
Constanze Ruhm (Austria)
Susanne Rogenhofer (Austria)
Hilary Tsui (Hongkong/Austria)
Jun Yang (China/Austria)
Park Modern (Russia)
Ganzha (Kazakhstan)
Belki aka Mariya Aleynikova and Denis Yashin (Russia)
Albert Rivkin (Russia)
Pinie Wang (China/Austria)
VJ Azz (Taiwan/Austria)
Elsa Okazaki (France/Japan)
Ami Han (Austria/Korea)
Eun Yung Yim (Austria/Korea)


Heri Dono (Indonesia)

“Animal Journey”
The human population is growing everywhere. The development of buildings and highways expands like a giant octopus on earth. Science and new technologies create vehicles and machines, as well as turning everything into cyber-culture and progress philosophy. The existence of animals is being threatened due to a lack of space. “Animal Journey” is a criticism of the existence of our life without caring for the environment and the other creatures of nature.

Venue: Gallery IG Bildende Kunst
Date: 23-24 May 2009


sonicbrat (Singapore) “QUIESCE” – In search of a liminal space

sonicbrat (processed piano and sound art) + Lim Chin Huat (movement) + Lim Woan Wen (light)

A music and sound performance by sonicbrat (Darren Ng), supported by movement interpretation by dancer Lim Chin Huat and an emotive ambient light show by lighting designer Lim Woan Wen. Three national award-winning artists from Singapore get together to explore the ideology of “liminality” as they present their personal take on space, time and emptiness. A minimalist performance that fuses Asian aesthetics and philosophies with multidisciplinary art forms, QUIESCE is a diegetic performance that questions the rift between personal and cultural dissociations.

"Liminality is a psychological, neurological or metaphysical subjective, conscious state of being on the "threshold" of or between two different existential planes. Those who remain in a state between two other states may become permanently liminal."
QUIESCE is an exploration into “liminal spaces” through multidisciplinary expressions.
Expositing gaps, silences and spaces as thresholds between what is before and what comes after, immersing in the state of betwixt and between.
A quiet collaboration of sound/music, movement and light, three artists gather to explore the notion of space, silence, emptiness and inactivity; of displacements, juxtapositions and ambiguity… in search of a liminal space.

Venue: Academy of Fine Arts Vienna/Semper Depot/northern ground-floor section
Date: 23 May 2009

Audio-Visual Performance
8gg (China)

“The Air been Broken”
8gg use their special variation-generating system to control visions and sounds in real time. his work enables rhythms, noises, environmental sounds and trivial, disintegrating elements to interact and inspire themselves, and makes them unite as a developing integration in a way of a game.

Venue: Academy of Fine Arts Vienna/Semper Depot/northern ground-floor section
Date: 24 May 2009


Daito Manabe (Japan)

"Face Visualizer, Instrument, and Copy."
I got inspired by “we can make a fake smile with sending electric stimulation signals from computer to face, but NO ONE can make a real smile without human emotion” – These are the words of Mr. Teruoka who is my collaborator to make devices. The piece was influenced by the work of the French researcher G.B. Duchenne, “Mécanisme de la physionomie humaine” from Iconographie photographique and the Austrian artist Stelarc’s “Ping body”.
Coming from this trail of thought, I began experimenting with my electric sensors and low-frequency pulse generators intending to copy the expression of one face onto another. The face visualizer video known as “Electric Stimulus to Face Test” is one of the experiments of this project.

Venue: Academy of Fine Arts Vienna/Semper Depot/northern ground-floor section
Date: 24 May 2009

Klangküche (Austria)

soundclips of cookery, real time tasting,
one tablespoon electronic
revolution, microphones, knifes, vegetables,
remixed gastroacoustic
recordings, spicy live sampling, stir until
thick and delicious, use scissor to
cut: the possibilities are virtually unlimited ...
get the rhythm out of your
food: the soundkitchen by ennoson, erian and joha
taste it and hear it!

Venue: Gumpendorfer Strasse/street stage
Date: 24 May 2009


Performance, Concert
Elisabeth Penker (Austria)
Concert by Tri Minh (Vietnam)

With the language composition “de-grammatical”, Penker attempts to create both space for a colonial consciousness of Europe’s past and a utopian realm for a new understanding of the variety and diversity of cultural expressions in contemporary art and music. The structure of the composition “de-grammatical” is based on the grammatical division of languages, which are deconstructed into phonetic minimal units; the composition is performed via a non-linear five-canal matrix.
Penker examines possible overlaps between the language of music and pictorial structure, with her main focus on the five-tone language Mandarin. Only in recent times, in the post-colonial period, has the discourse of cultural translation returned to issues that had already been taken up by the phonetic experiments of Dadaism in the 1910s and 1920s and later on, by 1960s and 1970s concept art.
At the opening event of “intercity”, Elisabeth Penker will perform live on her instrument “Sonic Structure”, which is an integral part of the choreography of her composition “de-grammatical”. This instrument vaguely resembles a keyboard and is made of wood and industrial materials. All sounds produced with this device are amplified by means of a series of microphones mounted at different room heights, which enables the artist to create music. Her appreciation of Luigi Russolo’s “The Art of Noise” and Jack Foley’s recording methods for movie soundtracks allows her to find a vocabulary for rhythms and language transformations. With an orchestra that – although solely composed of instruments made from industrial materials – is able to tap forces embedded in the most differentiated sound structure of all – language –, Penker clearly succeeds in restating an old formula of avant-garde. (Text: Adam Budak)

Venue: Gumpendorfer Strasse/street stage
Date: 24 May 2009



Live Acts, DJs, Radio Art, Artist Talks
The Future Sounds of “North Asia”
Programming: Laton (Anna Ceeh, Franz Pomassl)
In co-operation with: Sound Studio – Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

ANTIPHoDES (Khabarovsk, Far East, Russia)
PARK MODERN (Vladivostok, Far East, Russia)
ALBERT RIVKIN (Petropavlovsk Kamchatsky, Kamchatka, Russia)
GANZHA (Almaty, Kazakhstan)
BELKI (Novosibirsk, Central Siberia, Russia)

Venue: Semper Depot
Date: 23 May 2009


Live Acts, Concert, DJs
Musicians, DJs: Nannue Tipitier, Kyoka, Stereotyp + Cee feat. AraByrd, Tri Minh & DJ
Kruise, Nuphlo, VJ Azz, Coconami, Pinie Wang, Klangküche Dj Ramija, Hans Kulisch
Belki aka Mariya Aleynikova und Denis Yashin, Albert Rivkin, Elsa Okazaki, Kioka

Venue: Gumpendorfer Strasse/street stage, Ramien, Café Phil, Semper Depot/northern ground-floor section
Date: 23-24 May 2009


Artist Talk
Contemporary Asian Art – Cultures, Representations and Internationalisation
A talk by Hilary Tsui with artists: Heri Dono (Indonesia), Jun Yang (China/Austria), 8gg (China), Sonicbrat (Singapore), Susanne Rogenhofer (Austria)

The talk will approach contemporary Asian art from various perspectives: the different localities and cultures that the term embraces; how tradition, histories, local and global cultures, and Western art theories shape the work of artists of Asian origin; whether the current internationalisation of contemporary art acts as a balancing act or exaggerates the ongoing exoticisation of Asian art.

Venue: Academy of Fine Arts/Schillerplatz/Room M13
Date: 24 May 2009, 1 p.m.


Performances & Street Actions

  • Street food
  • Thai massage
  • Indonesian dance
  • Chinese hairdresser

Venue: Gumpendorfer Strasse/street stage, Das Möbel
Date: 23-24 May 2009


Works by Academy of Fine Arts Vienna students of Asian origin and other artists.

  • Pinie Wang
  • Elsa Okazaki
  • Ami Han
  • Eun Jung Yim
  • Susanne Rogenhofer


Venue: Das Möbel, Ramien, Academy of Fine Arts/Semper Depot/anteroom of northern ground-floor section
Date: 23-24 May 2009


ASIAN FILM SPECIAL (17-25 May 2009)
In co-operation with House of World Culture, Berlin and Top Kino Vienna
Venue: Top Kino, Rahlgasse 1, 1060 Vienna

Sun, 17 May/12:30 p.m./movie brunch:
I’m a Cyborg, But That’s OK

By Chan-wook Park, South Korea 2006, 105 min, 35mm, original version with German subtitles

Tue, 19 May/5 p.m.:
I Don’t Want to Sleep Alone
By Tsai Ming Liang, Taiwan/F/A 2006, 118 min, 35mm, original version with German subtitles

Wed, 20 May/7 p.m.:
Three … Extremes
By Fruit Chan, Takashi Miike, Chan-wook Park, Japan/South Korea/Hong Kong 2004, 102min,
DVD, original version with German subtitles

Thu, 21 May/starting at 4:30 p.m.:
Films by Shuji Terayama with an introduction by Constanze Ruhm (starting at 4 p.m.)

4:30 p.m.: Tomato Kecchappu Kôtei (Emperor Tomato Ketchup)
1971, 90 min.

7 p.m.: Throw Away Your Books, Rally in the Streets
1971, 138 min.

10 p.m.: Pastoral: To Die in the Country (Den-en ni shisu)
1974, 101 min.

Sat, 23 May/6 p.m.:
A Short Story on Forgetting and Remembering
By Jun Yang, Taiwan 2007, 20 min., English with Chinese subtitles

In co-operation with the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia, films by Indonesian filmmaker RIRI RIZA will be shown from 22 to 24 May 2009 in the presence of the director.

Fri, 22 May/7 p.m.:
Laskar Pelangi (The Rainbow Troops)
By Riri Riza, Indonesia 2008, 124 min., 35mm, original version with English subtitles /Austrian premiere

Sat, 23 May/7 p.m.:
Gie By Riri Riza , Indonesia 2005, 137 min., 35mm, original version with English subtitles

Sun, 24 May/7 p.m.:
Eliana, Eliana
By Riri Riza, Indonesia 2002, 83 min., 35mm, original version with English subtitles

Mon, 25 May/7 p.m.:
3 Days to Forever By Riri Riza, Indonesia 2007, 104 min., original version with English subtitles